Niall Horan Gets Starstruck, Too!

Posted on Jun 19, 2012


Let's face it, every Directioner out there would totally FREAK if they suddenly ran into their fave One Direction member on the street. Sure, you might try to convince yourself that he's just an ordinary person like anyone else...but we have a feeling you'd still find yourself running toward him in a super-frenzy of fandom (it's okay, we've all done it). Hey, who could blame you? Just look at those dreamy faces.


Getting starstruck is nothing to fear! In fact, we heard that a certain 1D mate even goes starry-eyed himself sometimes... But how can the STAR be struck?! Well it's true. When the guys chatted with Popstar! about whether they've ever been starstruck before, Niall Horan fessed up his incident of idol awe, admitting, "I'm new to the game. I find it hard to keep my emotions inside. When I met Michael Buble, he's like my idol, so I kinda flipped out."


Awww, can't you just picture Niall's adorable cheeks turning as red as his shirt at the sight of his idol? We can, and we'd definitely have the same reaction at the sight of Niall. As for the rest of the boys, the ONE celebrity they all dream of meeting is the one and only KCA host of 2012, "Will Smith!" Who knew?!


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