One Direction Stars on iCarly!

Posted on Mar 5, 2012


iCarly has already welcomed in a bundle of awesome guest stars, including Big Time Rush, KCA 2011 host, Jack Black, and the First Lady herself, Michelle Obama. But now, Miranda Cosgrove and the rest of her superstar cast mates are ushering in five new crush-worthy celebs to the set...the boys of One Direction!

And they made quite the entrance while arriving to the Nickelodeon studios. Fans actually lined up outside of the iCarly set twelve hours before the guys arrived to film! Now that's dedication.


But what's in store for this buzz-worthy upcoming episode? Well, if you think Noah Munck would make a great band addition to One Direction, then you're gonna like this!

Here's the rundown...Carly arrives home sick after a trip and finds out the Brit band accepted an invite to perform on her web show (awesome!). After arriving in Seattle, band mate Harry catches the germ and becomes sick, too. When the rest of the guys find out that Harry's actually caught a love bug for Carly, they conjure up a plan to get him back in the band by telling him that Gibby's their newest member.

We know it's all for show, but we actually think Noah wouldn't do too bad as a boy band mate. He does have rap skills, after all...


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