One Direction Spills on New Music!

Posted on Aug 3, 2012


There's only one thing we could possibly love more than One Direction's hits...And that's more One Direction hits! The handsome Brits caught up with and chatted about plans for their next album! And since it's coming straight from the hearts of our five favorite boys, we already know we're going to LOVE it! Find out what to expect from 1D's tunes in the making.


It's confirmed. 1D is working on a new album and we might be in store for something a little bit different this time around. "We've recorded about six songs for it so far," Liam dished. "It's been going really good with this album so far. Hopefully, well make as good of an album as last time, if not better. So we'll see what happens."

So, what's this album sound like you ask? "It's a similar sound, but were trying to do a little bit of an older lyric," Louis explained. And Zayn added, "We just kinda want our music to grow with us as we get older. Kinda like the music gets older in concept and lyrically, but not too drastic."


We're frenzied with anticipation already! And the guys couldn't be happier to be releasing all new hits to their mobs of fans. "Right now we're just kinda enjoying what we're doing and this is amazing," Zayn said. "So we kinda just want to continue with this and make more music and hopefully be 'One Direction' for as long as we can."

So, it looks like we have a lot more of 1D coming our direction soon. Can't wait!!


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