Can You Guess Who's in the Panda Suit?!

Posted on Aug 24, 2011

This Saturday, the biggest party of the century is getting even BIGGER! iParty with Victorious is back, and this time there's even more outrageous scenes, hilarious moments, and most importantly, there's some serious party secrets set to be revealed!! And since no one can stop pondering about the pestering panda that caused all that racket at the party, we decided to investigate. And we're revealing the true culprit to all the panda-monium this Saturday! But before we do, let's see if you can figure it out all on your own.


Check back in each day for a new clue, and see if you can guess who's really in the panda suit! (Oh, and make sure when you figure it out, you tell Kenan. He's been bugging us to reveal the name of that panda for weeks!)

So here's Clue #1...The true party panda once gave an iParty cast member a part time job!


Think you've got it all figured out? Are you abso-fruit-ly positive??...Well, check in tomorrow for another party panda clue and don't miss Saturday's XL iParty to find out if you guessed right!

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