Find Out Who's in the Panda Suit!

Posted on Aug 28, 2011

It's finally time to find out who was really pestering all those party guests (especially Kenan Thompson) during iParty with Victorious! We clued you in and gave you the chance to cast your votes, but now it's time to find out who was right! Are you ready?? The one causing all that pandamonium was...




Did you guess right?! Well, we've got the poll results right here...
39% of you thought it was Festus. (If you picked Festus, you guesstus wrong!)
28% of you thought it was Mr. Sikowitz. (A true actor would know Sikowitz wasn't the true culprit)
21% of you thought it was Mrs. Benson. (If she was undercover, believe us, Freddie would've gotten a racket wack)
12% of you actually guessed right and knew it was T-Bo! (Congrats! You should be a panda private eye...)


Now it's time to find out the true secrets behind the clues...


CLUE 1: The true party panda once gave an iParty cast member a part time job!
Remember when Carly's room burned down thanks to an adorable (yet highly flammable) gummy bear lamp? Well, to make some extra dough to re-do her room, T-Bo gave Carly a job at the Groovy Smoothy!..However, she wasn't the best at putting taco shells on a stick...


CLUE 2: This panda loves cooking up trouble for the iParty-ers
According to T-Bo, if it fits on a stick it'll do the trick! And he cooks up his creations for members of the iParty cast every day!


CLUE 3: This panda had a past career as a hand model.
T-Bo may be the Groovy Smoothy manager now. But he's got tons of secrets in his past. When Gibby interviewed T-Bo on, it was revealed that T-Bo once had a big career in hand modeling. His left hand even appeared in a magazine ad for the Dairy Association!

Well, there you have it. Now you know the true pest behind the iParty pandamonium. But hey, don't you think T-Bo owes us a smoothy for causing all that "racket" at the party? We'll take strawberry mango, please!

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