Prank Alert: Jerry Gets Shocked!

Posted on Jan 14, 2013

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After playing Spencer Shay, Jerry Trainor is pretty used to being blown up, electrocuted, used as a gerbil in make-shift science experiments...basically, when it comes to mishaps and accidental disasters, Jerry's a seasoned vet. And it's a good thing, too. 'Cause according to his interview with Buzznet, he's got lots of shocking shenanigans going on behind-the-scenes of his new show, Wendell and Vinnie.

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Unfamiliar with Wendell and Vinnie? Don't worry, Jerry supplied a short and sweet synopsis for this stellar new show. "Well, it takes place in space," Jerry explained. "Uh, no it doesn't. That's not right. It's called Wendell and Vinnie! And it's...on Nick at Nite. And I play Vinnie and my nephew is Wendell. And I'm his caretaker now." Typical Jerry. Always trying to prank us. But what happens when the pranker becomes the prankee?

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Well, now we know, because Jerry's on-screen nephew Wendell, played by Buddy Handleson, loves to play jokes on his crazy costar! "Buddy likes to come up behind me and do what he calls the taser," Jerry said. "...The taser basically consists of taking your two fingers and just JAMMING them into the ribs of the person in front of you, namely me. I gotta tell ya, that was funny the first 1,000 times. Now, reciprocation is gonna be real bad...he's not gonna expect it!"

When it comes to this electrifying prank, we'd have to suggest that you don't try this one at home. Hey, someone could get hurt! Maybe just watch all the hilarious mishaps happen to Jerry on screen, instead. Trust us, it's way funnier that way.

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