Prank Team Extraordinares!

Posted on Nov 20, 2013

Prank Team 1

The Haunted Hathaways is full of ghostly gags and super silly spookiness, but we bet you didn't know that Nick stars Benjamin Flores Jr. and Breanna Yde are huge on practical jokes behind the scenes, too! This pair of pranksters just can't stop pulling hijinks on their co-stars. Take a look at some of their best work!

Prank Team 2

In an interview with ChelseasChannel, Benjamin spilled the deets on one of the duo's biggest pranks, ever. "The best prank we pulled, we put cream cheese in Chico's deodorant," he said. "We put cream cheese in it and took the deodorant stick out, and he used it! We saw him use it 'cause we were in his trailer." Cheesy pits are no laughing matter... unless they belong to someone else! LOL.

Prank Team 3

But in order to be a REALLY good prankster, you need to think ahead. Breanna chimed in with some future shenanigans they have in the works."We're gonna put glue inside [Amber Montana's] gumball machine so her gumballs get all stuck together."

Well, now we know that these two are serious when it comes to silliness. Benjamin and Breanna are professional pranksters!


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