Ryan Potter Takes Advice From Hologramps

Posted on Jan 1, 2013

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With every high kick and one-two-punch, Ryan Potter climbs higher on the list of Hollywood superstars. But even all-star actors need a word of advice from time to time. And lucky for Ryan, he's got a seasoned sensed to coach him through it all. Ryan spilled to oceanUP about how he sometimes takes advice from Hologramps actor, George Takei. Plus, he dished about his favorite dish, and how he's gained confidence through Supah Ninjas.

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Ryan admitted that before scoring his role as Mike Fukanaga, he was a bit of a shy guy. He said, "Before kinda this whole auditioning process and getting the part, I was a little shy. But now...working with these people, and working with directors, actors, and all these people that have really encouraging things to say...really has built my self esteem and I'm a little bit more brave and outgoing."

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Then he spilled a little fun fact about himself. He goes insane for grains! When dishing on his fave food, Ryan said, "Rice. I can eat rice 24/7 for the rest of my life and I would never get bored of it."

But what advice does Ryan get from the grand-master of the dojo, Hologramps? He said, "I think the biggest acting advice he gives me is, 'Make sure you show up on time, have your lines down, and brush your teeth every morning."

So all it takes to gain celebrity superstardom is to keep one eye on the clock, master memorization, and have impeccable dental hygiene! Sounds easy enough...

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