Happy Birthday Ryan Potter!

Posted on Sep 12, 2011

Calling all crime-fighting supah fans! It's time to celebrate! Why? Because it's Supah Ninja, Ryan Potter's birthday! And in honor of this dojo-master's special day, we thought we'd lend him a few tips to make his birthday really kick-butt. Check out the five kick-butt festivities that we think would make Ryan's bday totally rock.


5. Supah Baking
What's a birthday without some kick-butt cake? Well, good thing Ryan's got a master-chef-of-a-costar who can whip him up some delicious culinary treats! Ryan and Gracie Dzienny would have a birthday blast cooking cupcakes together, don't ya think?

4. Some All-American Birthday Baseball
When Ryan's got spare time on his hands, he loves to step up to home plate and knock one out of the park. (He even got his nickname from this All-American pastime.) So how about a party pick-up game? We're SO in!

3. A Celebratory Sushi Dinner
Ryan hearts sushi. Just check his tweets! He chirped to fellow twitizens, "Sushi stop! Is always awesome!!" Well, how about a sweet shindig with tons of Japanese eats? Sounds delish to us!

2. X-treme Fun
Ryan's totally kick-butt at extreme sports. So, what better day than his birthday to show off all those supah skills? He told AOL Kids, "I could ride a bike and roller blade by the time I was four years old." And we bet those X-quisite sport chops grow even greater every year!

1. A Bday Vacay
Okay, so this one is less of a bday tip and more of a supah fact. Ryan Potter is actually headed abroad for his birthday festivities. He tweeted, "Hey guys! Im headed off to the japan! I'll be there for awhile so I'll retweet all of the birthday stuff when I get back! Talk to ya soon!" Have fun, Ryan!

Do you have any other ideas to make Ryan Potter's big day even more kick-butt than it already is? List them in the comments, below! And don't forget to join us in saying, 'happy birthday Ryan'!

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