Ryan As An Evil Villain!

Posted on Mar 5, 2013

Ryan Evil Villain Image 1

Ryan Potter is trading in his ninja nun-chucks for a radioactive device which he'll use to take over the world!! Muah-ha-ha! ....Just kidding. Ryan's not turning into an evil villain. He fights bad guys for a living! But he did tell us what his Supah Ninjas role would be like if he was cast as the nemesis instead of the hero. And even though we love seeing Ryan repping the good side, it's fun to see the roles reversed.

Ryan Evil Villain Image 2

So, if Ryan really was a criminal outlaw, what would his super evil powers be? "My super villain name would be Sleepless and my power would be to force teenagers to wake up on time," Ryan explained. "That's really evil because I don't wake up on time and if I were forced to wake up on time, wooo, that'd be a scary villain!"

Ryan Evil Villain Image 3

Whoa, whoa whoa. Wait a minute. So, if Ryan was a super villain we'd have to wake up at the crack of dawn every day? Even Saturday?! Nope. Things are just fine the way they are. Thank goodness Ry's the good guy!


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