Ryan's Greatest Holiday Gift

Posted on Dec 21, 2012

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There's nothing like waking up on Christmas day to a bunch of awesome gifts. Especially if one of them turns out to be the best surprise EVER! Supah Ninja's Ryan Potter had much to share about the day he received his most prized present, and we have the full scoop on how it all went down!

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While most of us wake up to find wrapped goodies underneath our tree, Ryan actually received his while spending the night of Christmas Eve in the hospital. The story goes like this: "I was not smart and didn't listen to my mom, and I took the skateboard out of the car when she told me 'don't skateboard, its dark outside'," he explained. "I didn't even make it to the sidewalk, I actually hit the parking curb and I slammed my face unto the sidewalk." Ouch!

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Luckily for this adventure seeker, spending Christmas day at the hospital turned out to be not so bad after all. "I was at the ER and my friend brought me a LEGO set and we made it there and it was the best, best present ever." Sounds like quite the perfect end to this unusual Christmas tale!

While we're very glad that Ryan's holiday ended up with happy smiles, we'd like to offer some parting words of advice - next time around, just remember that moms are always right! :)


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