Ryan Potter's Martial Arts Audition

Posted on Jan 20, 2013

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It's hard to imagine anyone but Ryan Potter as the leader of the pack in Supah Ninjas -- he handles those nunchucks like a true-to-life ninja. Well, the reality isn't that far off! In an interview with Pacific Citizen, Ryan revealed that he's been doing martial arts since he was eight years old! And those high-kicking skills came in handy one fateful day when the Supah Ninjas casting directors dropped off audition fliers near his L.A. dojo...

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Ryan said, "I took the flier home and I wasn't really planning on applying to it or calling anybody." What!? So what made Ryan decide to try out? Actually, he owes it all to his mom. He explained, "...the one time [my mom] actually cleaned my bag was this time and she pulled out the flier." She convinced him to try out, and well, the rest is history!

And now that Ryan can practice his skills every day on set, his talents are more fine-tuned than ever! But, even a pro like Ryan can't nail it every time. He admitted to one stunt disaster that had him turned upside down. He explained, "I was supposed to do kind of this cartwheel to get out of the way and for some reason my body just kind of locked up and was like, 'don't do it!' and I was kind of in this awkward one-handed handstand and my legs were flailing. It was really funny. Everyone started laughing."

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But hey, even though he's had a few martial arts mishaps, he's still one of the coolest karate kids in the biz. And we can all thank his mom for giving him the extra 'kick' he needed to bring his skills to the screen!

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