Ryan Potter Preps For More Supah Ninjas!

Posted on Jan 1, 2013

Blog Image Ryan Preps More Supah Image 1

Have you been practicing your ninja kicks and tricks while waiting for the new season of Supah Ninjas? Ryan Potter is super psyched, too! He can't wait to start throwing his shuriken on the show again, and expressed his excitement for new episodes during an interview with Celeb Secrets 4U. And, it looks like all your patience is gonna pay off big time, 'cause according to Ry, the show is only getting bigger and better.

Blog Image Ryan Preps More Supah Image 2

Ryan dished, "Supah Ninjas [new season] is amazing, we had so much fun shooting it. The action is increased, the fights are increased, the romance is increased. So...make sure you guys watch it because it's really awesome!" Wow, even more awesome action and romance? Does that mean another (gasp) kiss is in the cards for Mike and Amanda?! We'll just have to wait and see!

We know you're at the edge of your seats for more Supah, but as Hologramps would say, patience is a virtue!


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