Ryan Potter AKA 'Iron Ryan'

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

Blog Image Ryan Potter AKA 'Iron Ryan' 1

Move over Iron Man, because there's a new steel super hero in town (...or shall we say, "supah" hero). Ryan Potter scored the nickname "Iron Ryan" for being the sturdiest guy on the baseball field. And he chatted up to give them all the deets.

Blog Image Ryan Potter AKA 'Iron Man' 2

When they asked him how he got the nifty nickname, Ryan replied, "That actually came from baseball. Catching was my favorite position. And basically the game depended on this one play. And the ball came home, and the guy was running home. And I got the ball and I bumped into the guy and we collided. And the ump ran over and said, "You still have the ball?" And I raised the ball in the air and I was so proud. It was a great moment. So then they called me 'Iron Ryan' because I was like an iron wall."

Blog Image Ryan Potter AKA 'Iron Ryan' 3

Remind us never to do a head-first running slide into home with Ryan on the opposing team. Ouch!

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