Ryan The Penguin

Posted on Mar 14, 2013

Supah Ninjas Ryan Potter Penguin 1

Ryan Potter may be known for his quick kicks and cat-like reflexes as the leader of the Supah Ninjas crew, but the animal he'd REALLY like to be doesn't quite have the same smooth moves. In fact, it walks pretty funny. That's right. Ryan wants to be the cutest, flightless bird of them all...

Supah Ninjas Ryan Potter Penguin 2

Ryan told us, "I would be a penguin 'cause of the way they walk. I oftentimes wish I could walk like a penguin without being given that look like, 'wow what is this kid doing?' You know that look?"

Supah Ninjas Ryan Potter Penguin 3

Yes, we definitely know that look. We know that look well. But who knows, maybe Ryan could be the first-ever ninja penguin. Plus, he'd already have a snazzy suit!

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