Ryan The Stunt Guy

Posted on May 20, 2013

Ryan Potter Stunt Guy 1

When it comes to being a pro at flying ninja kicks and monster chops, Ryan Potter's got it all down pat. In fact, did you know that he does his own stunts? How awesome is that?! He chatted to Asians on Film all about how his martial arts smarts are helping him on screen. Plus, he dished the deets on his new favorite gig... being a stunt double!

Ryan Potter Stunt Guy 2

"If this whole acting thing doesn't work out, the stunt industry is a huge goal for me, I'd love to be a part of it," Ryan said. A back-up plan is always a good idea, but we're pretty sure you have nothing to worry about Ryan. You'll have Supah fans for life!

Ryan Potter Stunt Guy 3

And though he can thank his awesome ninja skills for helping him perfect his stunt moves, his real inspiration comes directly from the Supah set. "The stunt guys, those are like my second family, I see those guys just about every day," he said. Sounds like one big and talented stunt fam. So if we ever need someone to jump through flaming hoops or scuba dive with sharks, we know exactly who to call! Right?


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