Ryan Potter Teaches Kung Fu!

Posted on Aug 10, 2012


Ryan Potter may play a crime-fighting hero on Supah Ninjas, but Ryan's a bit of a master-of-the-dojo in real life, too! In an interview with Fanlala, Ryan spilled some of the details on his many years of martial arts training, and how he's even teaching others this amazing skill!


Ryan explained that he started in martial arts over eight years ago! But what inspired him? Ryan said, "I just wanted more physical activity in my life, and I was interested in martial arts. So I went to this place that was in my neighborhood, close by."

And Ryan quickly went from student to master. "I do teach classes," Ryan said. "I teach two children's classes in LA. They're taught by senior ranking teacher and myself. We make sure they're not only learning the physical aspect of Kung Fu, but the mental and spiritual sides of it as well."

How awesome would it be to enter a Kung Fu studio and find out that Ryan Potter was your teacher? Hey, you never know!


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