Ryan Potter Explains White Tiger Kung Fu

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

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Ryan Potter kicks butt. But we're not just talking about his time on screen, fighting off ninja nemeses alongside Amanda and Owen. Ryan's a real life master of the dojo. And he chatted with Fanlala all about his special skills in martial arts.

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"The particular type of martial arts that I do, it's called White Tiger Kung Fu," Ryan said. "And in Chinese, it translates to Bok Fu Pi. It's been passed down from ten generations of the Doo Wai family. The martial art has been taught direct, straight from the oldest Grandmaster."

And Ryan's got a serious passion for this ancient hobby. "What I love about my extra-curricular, which is kung fu, is I get to come, see my friends, see my teachers, and learn something new every day," Ryan gushed.

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But what advice does this Supah Ninja have for potential White Tiger warriors out there? Well, he shared a little piece of advice that his kung fu trainer taught him. He said, "I think the thing he's always taught me, is to put 100 percent into everything you're doing."

From the looks of it, Ryan's pretty good at taking advice. 'Cause he's 100 percent awesome!

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