Cat Vs. Cat

Posted on Oct 7, 2013

Cat Vs. Cat 1

Is Cat Valentine anything like a real cat? Great question. We're here to figure it out! Since this Sam and Cat redhead shares a name with furry felines everywhere, we wanted to check out how much they really have in common. At first glance, they're both purrrrty, but that's not all!

Cat Vs. Cat 2

They're hisss-terical.
Cats are pretty funny creatures to watch. They cough up hairballs, fiddle with yarn and hiss when they get angry (hey, no cat fights!). And Cat Valentine cracks us up just as much. So, when it comes to bringing the funny, cats and Cat are one in the same.

Cat Vs. Cat 3

They love their snacks!
You can always count on Cat Valentine to be nibbling on her Bibble, just like a real cat loves to snack on canned tuna fish. Nom nom nom.

Cat Vs. Cat 4

They just wanna be heard!
Miss Valentine's voice really is the cat's meow. So, it's obvious that she loves belting just as much as real cats love to cry out for their cat nip. I am feline hear me roar!

It turns out, whoever gave Cat Valentine her name had it totally right. Well done!

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