How To Be A Great BFFL

Posted on Nov 14, 2013

Sam and Cat BFFL 1

So you wanna be an amazing BFFL? Sam and Cat know the recipe. Just take a lesson from these guys, and you and your pal will be closer than ever in no time.

1. Give your best bud shelter!
Friends don't let friends get their hair wet. If you and your best pal get stuck in a storm, bust out the umbrella and go singing in the rain.

Sam and Cat BFFL 2

2. Get your grub on.
There's no better combo than friends and food. Just look at Sam and Cat! They love going to Bots to hang. And it's a win-win! Cat enjoys the company, while Sam enjoys the pork fingers.

Sam and Cat BFFL 3

3. Catch a flick.
Going to the movies is the perfect BFF bonding activity. If you really want to put your friendship to the test, ask to share some Bibble.

Sam and Cat BFFL 4

4. Dance, dance, dance!
Dance duets are the ultimate sign of BFFs. Grab your pal and cut a rug!

Sam and Cat BFFL 5

5. Take up the same hobbies.
Sam and Cat both love babysitting in their free time. And they're pretty good at it... Except for that time Sam tried to feed a burger to a baby. Not the best choice. Anyway, a great friendship is all about finding out what you've got in common, and celebrating it together!

Sam and Cat are the perfect role models for any bestie duo. Live by their example, and you'll be the greatest BFFL on the planet. Three cheers for BFFs!

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