Sam Puckett's Recipe Book

Posted on Nov 7, 2013

Sam's Recipes 1

Welcome to Chez Puckett, where napkins are optional and BBQ sauce flows like water. Take a look at this recipe book featuring some of Chef Sam's most famous dishes!

Sam's Recipes 2

RECIPE 1: The Bacon Bomb
Ingredients: Bacon, wrapped in bacon, topped with a sprinkle of bacon.
This dish is perfect for an elegant dinner or a nice and light meal. Well, for Sam at least. Don't forget the extra bacon on the side!

Sam's Recipes 3

RECIPE 2: BBQ Ribs Hamwich
Ingredients: A rack of ribs and a slab of ham between two pieces of bread. Done.
This recipe really speaks for itself. When you're dining like Sam Puckett, you can't get anything better than meat, meat and more meat.

Sam's Recipes 4

RECIPE 3: A random kid's lunch.
Ingredients: Any kid that leaves his lunch unattended is just ASKING for Sam to steal his snacks.
What? It's true! Unattended food is one of the main ways Sam meets her daily nutritional needs. Should you go around swiping food from poor, innocent children? Probably not. But we're not gonna put it past a hungry Sam. WATCH OUT!

Mmm mmm mmm! We don't know about you, but that got us hungry. Stay tuned for another page from of Sam Puckett's cook book!

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