Silly Celebrity Dreams: Evil Ariana?

Posted on Mar 31, 2013

Weird Celebrity Dreams Matt Bennett 1

Dreams can be pretty strange sometimes. And when you're hanging on a wacky Hollywood set all day, they can get even weirder! Some of our fave celebs have been cooking up some kooky stuff while snoring in their PJs. Take Matt Bennett, for example. All those shenanigans going down at Hollywood Arts have caused this superstar to have some pretty odd snoozes.

Weird Celebrity Dreams Matt Bennett 2

"I had a dream that @ArianaGrande made a clone of herself but it was evil and it wanted to be the only Ariana and then it made another clone." Matt chirped after a nap. A villainous version of Ariana?! Now that's strange. But strangely entertaining...

Weird Celebrity Dreams Matt Bennett 3

But Matt's silly snooze didn't end there! Matt continued, "The second clone was made dumb so everyone would think @ArianaGrande was dumb and the evil one could take over."

What?! Now this is getting nuts. Two Ariana doubles, plotting a Grande takeover? Ariana fans everywhere, unite! It's time to take these imposters down!! ...Oh wait, it's just a dream. Nevermind!


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