SpongeBob's On Parade!

Posted on Oct 25, 2013

SpongeBob Macy's Parade 1

The big news has traveled up from the crashing oceanic waves up to the inter-webs, revealing that your favorite sponge will be the center of attention at this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City! Pretty! Big! Deal! Naturally, SpongeBob is so excited he can't figure out what to wear, so let's help him!

Since Novembers in the big apple can get pretty chilly, warm digs are the best way to go. After all, we don't want the star of the show to turn into an icicle! SpongeBob tried on this traditional Santa Claus hat in a trendy red color, and we have to admit, it's SO New York. But is it the winner?

SpongeBob Macy's Parade 2

Move over Prancer and Vixen. A Bikini Bottom dweller is coming to take over your spot! SpongeBob the red-nose spongedeer has a very shiny nose indeed, and he's hoping it's bright enough for him to go down in T-day history.

SpongeBob Macy's Parade 3

Okay judges, we're down to the last outfit! This artic sledder get-up is definitely weather proof, and there's no denying how adorable Gary looks as a snow snail. But don't get distracted! It's all about Mr. SquarePants this time around.

So, a Santa hat, a shiny red nose, or some sled gear...which accessory do you choose? Pick now, 'cause we're about to reveal that SpongeBob will be wearing...

SpongeBob Macy's Parade 4

A fuzzy red Santa hat! Not only will it keep his square head super toasty, but it adds just the right amount of dazzle to his already signature outfit. Pretty spiffy right? Now that he’s all set to look his best, there’s no denying he’ll be soaring to all new heights this coming November!

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