When Patrick Questioned Science

Posted on Dec 26, 2013

When Patrick Questioned Science 1

Everyone knows Patrick is no scientist. And he proves that by totally questioning the rules of science! Check out all the times he's made us stop and say, "Wait a second..."

When Patrick Questioned Science 2

1. Anything can be a door!
Forget knocking or ringing a bell, Patrick doesn't have that kind of time! Sure, it means expensive home repairs, but SpongeBob has gotten used to it.

When Patrick Questioned Science 3

2. No matter what the weight, piggyback rides are always possible.
According to the science books, a squishy sponge like SpongeBob would smush under the weight of a giant sea star. But does Patrick let that stop him? NO!

When Patrick Questioned Science 4

3. Starfish can lose their hands and grow them back!
Wait a minute: This fact is totally true! So Patrick is living by the laws of science for this one. But still... definitely weird.

When Patrick Questioned Science 5

4. Things are hard to lift... underwater?
According to science, heavy things are totally easy to lift underwater. Still, Patrick looks like he's struggling to pick up this road in Bikini Bottom. Hmm...

When Patrick Questioned Science 6

5. Underwater showers can happen.
We even caught Patrick taking a shower underwater! But that's not all, he also wears a shower cap even though he doesn't have hair. Why? Because he can.

There's no use in trying to understand it. Patrick likes to question science and that is that.


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