Why SpongeBob Is More Than A Sponge

Posted on Dec 10, 2013

Why SB Is More Than A Sponge 1

We don't have to tell you that SpongeBob is WAY cooler than your everyday, average kitchen sponge. But we will anyway! Here are some reasons why this little guy is ten times cooler than anything you might find next to the sink.

1. Real sponges don't wear pants. SpongeBob can.
Pants > no pants. It's as simple as that, really. When it comes to style, SpongeBob comes out on top.

Why SB Is More Than A Sponge 2

2. SpongeBob never has to wash other people's dishes. Only his own.
Both sponges have tons of experience scrubbing plates, but SpongeBob at least gets a break from cleaning every now and again! If Mr. Krabs is being generous, that is...

Why SB Is More Than A Sponge 3

3. He's the only sponge that's been promoted to Fry Cook.
A sponge that can make Krabby Patties like SpongeBob can deserves way more, but at least it's something. Eventually real sponges either get thrown out, or worse: toilet duty.

Why SB Is More Than A Sponge 4

4. He's got a great laugh!
Have you ever seen a real sponge crack a smile? SpongeBob is always the life of the party, while real sponges, well, they're just boring.

Why SB Is More Than A Sponge 5

5. Real sponges get moldy, while SpongeBob still has that new sponge smell!
Even after a long day of work SpongeBob smells fresher than jellyfish fields. Real sponges... not so much.

Why SB Is More Than A Sponge 6

6. Living in a pineapple is much cooler than living a sink.
SpongeBob's house is more than just a fruit -- it's a home. Plus, you can eat it! That's way better soaking up dirty dishwater in a cold and slimy sink.

Why SB Is More Than A Sponge 7

7. He's super bubbly -- without soap!
Forget the cleaning supplies, SpongeBob doesn't need suds one bit! He's naturally bubbly and bursting with energy.

Why SB Is More Than A Sponge 8

8. Since he's always underwater, he'll never dry out!
Living in Bikini Bottom means this sponge is guaranteed to stay bouncy forever. A normal kitchen sponge has MAYBE a few hours of squishiness. On a good day!

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