SpongeBob's Valentine's Day Gifts!

Posted on Jan 14, 2012


Today is Valentine's Day. And that means Cupid's got his arrows ready and he's on the lookout for targets! In fact, we know one Nick celeb who's already on Cupid's list of direct hits, and he goes by the name of SpongeBob SquarePants. Turns out, tons of Nick stars want this squishy sea sponge as their V-Day date. And we've got the scoop on exactly what they'd be gifting the Bikini Bottom dweller if they were chosen as his Valentine.


If SpongeBob chooses Ryan Potter as his Valentine, he'll be in for quite a change! "I would get him pink body paint," Ryan said. "Wouldn't that be awesome? Just if SpongeBob was pink for Valentine's Day, I think that'd be great."

But if SpongeBob chooses Burkely Duffield for his heart-filled gift exchange, he'll need to start packing! "I think chocolate would melt, and flowers can't really survive under the water...€" Burkely began. "I'd give him an aquarium tank, so then he can live in there and go see the rest of the world! But he'd still be in the water so he'd still be happy. He could take Patrick and they could all just hop in and go for a bit of a ride."

Hmmmm, decisions, decisions. Who do you think SpongeBob should choose as his Valentine this year? Either way, he's in for a real treat! Happy V-Day everyone!

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