Spy The Lie: Burkely Duffield

Posted on Apr 3, 2013

Spy The Lie Burkely Duffield 1

It's time to find out how much you really know about your fave celebs. It's time to play Spy the Lie! Today, we're playing the game with one of our fave House of Anubis all stars, Burkely Duffield. So, do you know-it-all about Sibuna's true Osiron? See for yourself by picking out what's false from these facts!

Spy The Lie Burkely Duffield 2

Spy The Lie:
Burkely is a coin collector.
Burkely has a pet chameleon.
Burkely loves wearing really wacky sneaks!

Think you know what's true and what's bogus? Guess now, 'cause we're about to reveal the answer!

Spy The Lie Burkely Duffield 3

So here's what's true. Burkely actually is a coin collector and he loves wearing funny sneaks! He told us in an interview, "Coins from different places I always think are really cool...I have a little stash back home." And as far as the shoes go, well, you can see for yourself every time he steps on the red carpet with colorful kicks! We've seen them. They're awesome.

So then, what's false? Well, Burkely doesn't really own a chameleon. But he wishes he had one! He told AOL Kids, "I have always wanted to have a pet snake or chameleon. I think that would be really cool!"

Now we know exactly what to get Burkely the next time his bday rolls around.... if we can find it hidden under all that camouflage that is!

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