Spy The Lie: Liz Gillies

Posted on May 5, 2013

Spy The Lie Liz Gillies 1

Are you ready to put your Liz Gillies trivia knowledge to the test? Good. 'Cause it's time to play Spy the Lie! We'll dish you three facts about Liz, but the catch is, one of them is a fib! Think you can spot the false fact? Let's play.

Spy The Lie Liz Gillies 2

Spy the Lie:
Liz is vegan!
Liz used to perform on Broadway with Ariana Grande.
Liz plays the tuba.

We hope you're thinking hard, 'cause we're about to reveal the real facts!

Spy The Lie Liz Gillies 3

Alright, here we go! Liz is truly a vegan, and puts extra effort into baking vegan treats! "Just spent an hour making vegan/gluten free apple cinnamon muffins," she tweeted. "SO much more difficult than I had anticipated. But they're in the oven!" It's also true that she performed on Broadway in the musical 13 alongside Ariana Grande. They even shared a dressing room!

So, that leaves the false fact. Liz may be a musical maven, but the tuba isn't part of her repertoire. Her instrument of choice is actually the piano! Thanks for playing Spy the Lie. And don't forget to keep studying your facts, 'cause we'll have another round coming your way in no time!


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