Spy The Lie: Matt Bennett

Posted on Feb 27, 2013

Spy The Lie Matt 1

Can you spy a lie? Well, it's time to take the test. We're dishing out fun facts about Victorious comedian, Matt Bennett. And here's the catch...one of these facts is completely FALSE! Do you think you can tell the difference between true Matt factoids and a bogus fib? See for yourself.

Spy The Lie Matt 2

Fact one: Matt played the role of Gibby in iCarly. Fact two: Matt took ventriloquism lessons to prep for his role of Robbie. And fact three: Matt's been slimed a total of 11 times. Two of these things are totally true. But one is completely made up! Can you spot the difference? Guess now and prove your smarts!

Spy The Lie Matt Image 3

Time's up! Ready to hear what's real and what's make believe? Then, listen up. Fact one is TRUE. Matt actually did play the role of Gibby on iCarly, in one episode that is. Matt played Gibby in an alternate dream-like universe in the episode,"iApril Fools." Fact two is also TRUE. Ventriloquism isn't easy! And Matt had to take lessons to prep for his part. The lie in this bundle of Matt info is actually fact three. Matt has been slimed a total of 11 times? That's so FALSE! The truth is, his goo record is a lot higher than that! "My slime record is 21 times (20 FIOs, 1 Brainsurge)," Matt tweeted, "Never been more proud of an achievement before."


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