Spy The Lie: Noah Munck

Posted on Apr 23, 2013

Noah Munck Spy The Lie 1

Get ready all you mystery solvers! It's time for another round of Spy the Lie. It's the game where you get to show off your smarts about your fave stars. How do you play? Well, it's pretty simple... we give you three facts and you decide which one is completely bogus. And today, we're playing the game with iCarly's very own Noah Munck!

Noah Munck Spy The Lie 2

Spy the Lie:
Noah loves to dj!
He loves reading graphic novels.
Noah's brother Elijah often guest starred on iCarly

Think you know which facts are the real deal and which one is a fib? Put your thinking caps on and think quickly, because we're dishing the answers in 3...2...1...

Noah Munck Spy The Lie 3

Okay, here's the truth! Noah loves to DJ! He even mixes his own tunes and plays DJ sets whenever he gets the chance. And music isn't his only hobby, 'cause he also told AOL Kids, "I like to read graphic novels."

So that leaves us with the lie! And this one was tricky. It actually wasn't Noah's brother Elijah who made cameos on iCarly. Actually, his brother Ethan played Guppy Gibson! Noah has THREE brothers in total, Micah, Ethan and Elijah. But hey, they do all look alike.

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