Spy The Lie: Victoria Justice

Posted on Mar 9, 2013

Victoria Spy Lie 1

Think you're sharp enough to spy a lie? Well, lets put your fact-finding skills to the test. We're dishing out fun facts about Victorious star, Victoria Justice! But not so fast... one of these facts actually FALSE and you need to guess which one! Do you think you know the difference between totally Victoria and utterly untrue? Let's find out.

Victoria Spy Lie 2

Fact one: Victoria's middle name is Dawn. Fact two: Victoria loves making up words. She's made up words like 'flopcorn', 'blint', and 'deodorend'. And fact three: She shares a birthday with Liz Gillies! Only two of these things are for-real facts, and one is totally faux! Can you tell which is which? Guess now and prove your smarts!

Vicoria Spy Lie 3

Pencils down! Ready to hear the truth? Here goes. Fact one is TRUE. Victoria's middle name really is Dawn! Fact two is TRUE. Victoria's little made-up words are called 'sniglets', AKA words that should be in the dictionary but aren't. 'Flopcorn' is the left over popcorn at bottom of the bag, 'blint' is belly button lint and 'deodorend' is the last bit of the deodorant stick. And yes, Victoria came up with all three.

So what's FALSE? It's fact three! Victoria actually shares her bday with Sikowitz! Vic tweeted "...'Sikowitz' & I share a b day! Believe it or not, we were also BOTH born @ 12:03. How weird is that!?" So weird, but kind of awesome. Victoria and Sikowitz are birthday twins? Who knew?!


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