Who is Jennette's Real-life Sidekick?

Posted on Apr 28, 2011

Jennette McCurdy has been Miranda Cosgrove's right hand wo-man on iCarly for as long as we can remember. But when she's not eating an entire ham in less than 15 minutes or arm wrestling Freddie as Sam Puckett, she's paling around with her real life sidekick. We caught up with her on the KCA Orange Carpet this year and asked her all about it. Check it out!


Nick: "You got voted for best sidekick at the KCAs this year. Who is your sidekick?"
Jennette: "Her name is Allison Hardy. She's the wittiest person I know. She's so sharp. I love her."

So who is this mystery girl, you may wonder? Well, after fishing around in the tweet-seas we found out she's a country-singing superstar just like Jennette! And she's also got the same outlandishly odd sense of humor. It's no wonder they're two peculiar peas in a pod!

Just look at what we found out about these best buds through all of their chirpy tweet chitter chatter!

They love the same movies...
Jennette: Walked through the airport in a hoodie, jorts, and slippers. feeling very much like The Dude, and I'm perfectly ok with that.
Allison: Jennette, know that scene well my friend

And they hang out together backstage!
Jennette: Just performed at the annual Capitol/EMI event. Wow! Cannot believe I was on the same stage as Keith Urban, Lady A, Darius.. Xinakjanzjka
Allison: Jennette, yay for hanging out with me as well!

So it must be true what they say, two birds of a feather do flock together (in the tweet trees at least).


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