Miranda Through The Years!

Posted on May 4, 2011

Have you been a Miranda Cosgrove fan since the very beginning? Can you think back to her early Drake and Josh days, or her very first appearance in the movie School of Rock and remember exactly what miniature Miranda looked like? Maybe you can...but it was a long time ago. Just to refresh your memory, we put together a little red carpet flashback of Miranda over the years. You can literally watch her grow into the absolutely gorge and stylin' starlet she is today!


-Only one word can describe this picture...Awwweee!!! MC was so adorable when she first started hitting the red carpets!
-This pic is back from 2006 when MC was still making us LOL as the munchkin Megan Parker on Drake and Josh
-Doesn't MC look so lovable and ladylike in this red carpet flashback? This girl was always a sweetheart.


-Wow! We're already starting to see a difference in MC. She's going fun and flirty in this KCA '09 pic.
-Miranda found her own fashion-ality as she grew older, just look how fab she looks in this pic! I guess becoming a style queen is easy when you're growing up on the red carpet.
-MC is ne-on top of the world! Look at this hot pink glamor gown she wore to the KCAs this year. She's number one on the fashion A-list, and judging by this stylish pic, she's not going anywhere!

Oh the memories...MC has come such a long way, from an oh-so-cute red carpet first-timer to a refined red carpet ruler! We can't wait to see what this gal's got in store for the paparazzi this year!

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