Miranda Vs. Victoria

Posted on May 11, 2011

Carly Shay is a fun and friendly web host who's as gorgeous as she is cyber savvy. And Tori Vega is a bold and beautiful starlet-in-training who's got a serious set of pipes. How could we possibly choose between the two? Thank goodness we don't have to. But Cameron Stewart does! He plays Steven in iParty with Victorious; the two-timer who shows up in the lives of BOTH of these ultra talented glamor gals. But which pair do you think makes the cuter couple?


Is it Tori and Steven, who could teach a new lecture on love-birding to couples at Hollywood Arts? Or is it Carly and Steven who could start up their own web show called "iLove You Steven Shay"? Or maybe you think both girls should dump the double-crossing dope and become best friends. Spill your thoughts in the comments!

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