Nathan Kress' Prom Plans

Posted on May 21, 2011

Nathan Kress is a total cutie. (That's probably why Sam and Carly find him so kissable, LOL!) So every girl in the country must be getting in line to be his prom date...right? Well, as sad as it is to say, he actually WON'T be attending prom this year (tear). ClevverTV interviewed Nathan live on the Hollywood red carpet, and he told them why he won't be making an appearance at the big night...


Nathan: "I can go to prom if I want to, but due to the production schedule of iCarly which will be starting in just a couple weeks, I don't think I'm gonna be able to go, unfortunately."

Aww, that's so sad! Well, at least he was a good sport about it. He even let his interviewer in on a little secret..his fave prom dance move...

Nathan: "Pretty much the best thing you can do is do the, like the slight step from left to right, and not, make sure you don't hit anybody in your immediate proximity...I definitely have to break that out quite a bit."

We like that move too, Nathan! LOL. We'll be sure to use that one on Prom Night;).


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