Weekend Tweet Update From Nick Stars

Posted on May 2, 2011

Extra, extra, tweet all about it! We've got your weekend tweet update right here just in case you were too far away from the tweet trees to hear your favorite celebrities singing about their wonderful weekends. Check out our top five tweets...


Top Tweet #5: Aaa-choo! Logan Henderson got over a terrible cold, but now he's feeling fab and fresh! (Phew!)
Logan (beginning of the weekend): "I hate being siiiiccckkkk"
Logan (yesterday): "Sunday, The sun is bright and beautiful this Sunday Annd I'm finally feeling better! How's everyones weekend?"


Top Tweet #4: There's no place like home! Carlos Pena was on the move this weekend and settled into a brand new crib.
Carlos: "DONE MOVING! long day.. but first night in the new house... and it feels good :)my feet hurt.."


Top Tweet #3: Kendall Schmidt is a big time farmer! He spent his weekend digging in the dirt!
Kendall: "Something you may not know about me- I have a Green thumb.. Planted some veggies today and a few corn. A man has gotta eat ya know :)"


Top Tweet #2: FOUR! James Maslow threw on some funny pants and hit the green on his sunny Sunday.
James: "I'm not really a "golfer" by the technical term, nor have i ever actually golfed before today...but I think it's fair to say I'm a pro. ;)"


Top Tweet #1: Uh-oh! It's a phone fiasco! Miranda Cosgrove had some cellular mishaps over the weekend, but she found some rice advice to soak up her troubles. ExCELLent!
MC: "My cellphone is now residing in a bag of rice. Dropped it in a fountain :-/ I hope this rice thing isn't a scam #classicme"

There you have it; your weekend tweet update. Make sure to stop in next Monday to find out what you missed from these busy birdies. Happy chirping!

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