Weekly Chirp Alert!

Posted on May 23, 2011

Mondays can be a total drag. But there is one thing that always keeps us from a mega Monday meltdown...our weekly chirp alert! All the Nick stars were having a total blast this Friday through Sunday, and they were chippity-chirping all about it. Check out these top 5 weekend tweets.


5. Reed Alexander was having a big birthday blast with his granny!
Reed: "Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! We're celebrating my Great-Grandmother's 93rd birthday today! She's an amazing person! :D"


4. Leon Thomas was rockin' out with his pops!
Leon:"In the studio living !!!!!! My pops is on the guitar uh oh its getting funky in here !!!!"


3. Victoria Justice sat down for a fun family meal. Yum!
Victoria: "It's rice and beans and chicken day at my house! Yay! One of the best home made meals ever. #fridaytradition"


2. Miranda Cosgrove was clowning around in costume.
Miranda: "On set today in a scene I dressed up as a girl scout and sold lemonade. I can't believe I get paid for this..."


1. And Noah Munck was left starstruck!
Noah:"WOW!!! Just met Brad pitt....he said @iCarly is on at his house non-stop and he's a Huge fan!!! Blown away!"

From star-studded meet-n-greets to yummy home-made eats, these stars really made the most of their wonderful weekends. What did you do over the weekend?

Don't forget to merry-up your Monday next week with another weekly chirp alert!


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