Jennette McCurdy: Favorite Quotes

Posted on Apr 1, 2011

Whether she's whipping up a mean spaghetti taco, schooling Jerry Trainor in an vicious virtual smack down, or just kicking back as the plain old purdy McCurdy, Jennette McCurdy is one of our most favorite Nick starlets. This girl is so hilarious, she could crack a smile on any party pooper's pokerface. It's never long before we're ROFL with this wisecracking queen, so we put together a list of our favorite quotes so you could LOL with us, too.


"I see nothing wrong with taking advantage of the stupid." - Sam Puckett on iCarly
"We dont have a fridge. My mom was dating a pirate and he took it." - Sam Puckett on iCarly
"My mom has bunions. Will you come over and help me rub them?" - Sam Puckett on iCarly
"No worries, I like hitting ladies with pineapples." - Sam Puckett on iCarly
"So I just walked into the fanciest hotel in Nashville with a mustache and goatee sharpie'd on my face. No shame." - Jennette McCurdy tweet
"Irish wristwatch. Say it five times fast..... Yeah, me neither."- Jennette McCurdy tweet

Oh, Jennette, you're such quick-witted really know how to keep us giggling. But you may wanna hide those sharpies from the rest of your pranking posse. Just a thought...

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