Celeb Look-alikes: Victoria Justice

Posted on Apr 1, 2011

Ever wonder if you had a mysterious mystical twin hiding somewhere out there in the universe? Daydreaming of long lost lookalikes can be fun, but we found a pair of celebrity clones that are a real life two of a kind! Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev from the show Vampire Diaries look so similar, we swear they were separated at birth. Totally makes us freak the freak out! Haha!


Whoawe can't even tell which is which! Is V on the left? Or maybe she's on the right...Who knows?!

Victoria herself is even aware of her celebrity sister. At the 2011 Kids' Choice Awards she told MTV News, "Dude! You don't understand, I get this every single day. Everyone always confuses me for her...I met her and she was like, 'Everyone thinks I'm you!' And I was like, 'Everyone thinks I'm you!' We hugged it out, and it was all good." We think Nina at Vic should prank us and switch shows for a day!


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