Gracie Dzienny's Supah Ninjas Cupcakes

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

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We hope you brought your appetite, because we're headed into the kitchen with Gracie Dzienny for some baking 101! If you didn't know by now, Gracie is a master chef when it comes to sweet treats. And she gave us an exclusive look at some of her coolest cupcake creations. Did you know she whips up a new set of supah cute cupcakes for every episode of her show, Supah Ninjas? It's true. And shares them on set with the rest of the cast and crew. How sweet...literally! And now she's spilling all the sugary details about these dojo-inspired desserts with us. Check out what she had to say about each of her episode-inspired treats, below.

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X: "My brother was my assistant this week, so it was an interesting night of baking over at the Dzienny household! These cupcakes took what seemed like FOREVER to make!"

Ninja Knowledge: "An extra set of hands are very helpful. Even though sometimes it feels good to take all the credit, teamwork helps the job get done more quickly and efficiently!"

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Katara: "For these cupcakes I used fondant for the first time! I felt like I was a real cake designer!!! It's a vanilla cake with a lil dab of strawberry jelly inside.

Ninja Knowledge: "When using fondant to make more than one of the same decoration you should use a stencil so they all turn out pretty similar!"

Checkmate: "This week I did a red velvet cupcake with a cream cheese frosting! Then to symbolize the villain, Checkmate, I added a chess piece!"

Ninja Knowledge: "When filling the cupcake tins with batter put it in a [bag] so you have better control!"

Dollhouse: "These are up there with my all time favorite cupcakes! I made a really simple vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and then I added cute cookies with Amanda the cheerleader or Kelly the cheerleader on them! It was fun to have a battle of the cupcakes on-set: Who are you going to go with the Kelly? Or the Amanda?"

Ninja Knowledge: "Always practice on a paper plate or extra cookie before starting a design. Sometimes your ideas don't come across as well as you thought they were going to! At the end they'll always turn out amazing though, because you made them! Haha!"

Who knew this gal could kick butt in the dojo and in the kitchen?! Major cooking kudos to you, Gracie! ...P.S. Is anyone else as hungry as we are right now?

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