Supah Ninjas at Comic Con

Posted on Aug 4, 2011

Jerry Trainor wasn't the only Nick celeb to hit up the tables of this year's Comic Convention in San Diego. Our favorite trio of crime-fighting Supah Ninjas were there for all the action, too! Ryan, Gracie, and Carlos were there to talk about their new show, sign autographs, and meet with some of their supah-fans.


The karate-kicking celebs were so excited to attend this year's events. Before the convention began, Ryan tweeted out to his fans, "On our way to comic con! See us at the nick booth at 12."


And it came as no surprise that these hip new celebs showed up in style. They bring good lookin' to comic bookin'.


And even though the trio was off set, Gracie still felt like she was a part of the scene. She chirped about their new premiere, "Ninja knowledge about the episode:were riding a train in the episode to a comic-con like convention AND we rode a train to comic con today!" Whoa...freak-y!


Once the ninja pals arrived at the convention, their table was swarmed with fans dying for an autograph! One at a time, please!


But these stars were just as excited as their fans. After the signing commenced, Gracie tweeted, "Just finished signing pics! Thanks to everyone who came out! You were sooooo Supah!!!!!!!"


And after the convention was over, they sent a little extra love into the tweet trees. Gracie chirped, "Had such a blast @ comic-con!!" And Ryan tweeted, "Thank u @NickelodeonTV for an amazing experience that I will forever remember! To all the fans that came came out an showed support thank u"

Thanks for the sweet meet-n-greet, guys! We can't wait to see you at next year's Comic-Cons!

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