The Secrets To Being a Ninja

Posted on Feb 2, 2013

Supah Ninjas Secret Image 1

Strength and skills are a must, but there are more secrets to being a ninja than meet the eye! Luckily, Ryan, Carlos and Gracie spilled the deets to Cambio Connect so you can start assembling your own ninja squad! Trust your sensei...

Supah Ninjas Secret Image 2

1. Carlos Knight said, "You must have one high-pitched catch phrase like: Ninja Awesomeness!"

2. Gracie Dzienny reminded us, "You have to have a good roundhouse kick" and Carlos added, "You must have a special move."

3. Ryan Potter knows it's all about the look. "Wear a lot of black," he said, "Black underwear, why not? You gotta be full ninja all the time."

(3.5.) Gracie said, "If you're a girl ninja you always have to have your lipstick in your ninja belt." Carlos continued decisively, "Pink is a pretty good one for ninjas."

4. You gotta have a cool weapon! Ryan mentioned Mike's nun-chucks and Gracie said, "Tonfa sticks are a must, they're very useful and they look great in your ninja back." Of course Carlos weighed in profoundly, "I have a bo staff. When I wield my mighty bo staff it is a thing of beauty."

5. Go team! Gracie said, "It's always good to have some teammates." So true!

Supah Ninjas Secret Image 3

If only all rules were that fun! Carlos summed it up best, "Black suit, ninja awesomeness, cool friends: that's the key." Supah Ninjas rock!

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