Ninja Cats!

Posted on Mar 26, 2013


What really goes down behind-the-scenes of Supah Ninjas? Tons of shenanigans! While chatting with Supah star, Gracie Dzienny, we found out that the karate kicking trio loves to goof around on set. But they're not the only ones getting silly between takes. They've also adopted a few feline friends who are just as hiss-terical! Get it?


First, the cast absolutely loves secret handshakes. It gives them all a LOL! "We have a bunch of little like handshakes and things that we would say, like if we did one take where we got it perfectly we would always say, 'Bang Bang,'" Gracie said.


But that's not all! Gracie also revealed that there are a few new fur balls in the cast that add to the fun while filming. "We also had ninja cats on set," Gracie said. "We had a cat and a few kittens, that were on set and you never saw them and then all of a sudden you would just see them run past the set. They were there the entire four months and none of us knew 'til the very end. So, the ninja cats were a big part of the show's fun."

Who knew kittens were so talented in ninja tricks? They were so stealth, they were barely even noticed! Are you thinking what we're thinking? Ninja cats to the rescue! Hey, that would be a pretty awesome episode...


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