What Impresses The Supah Ninjas?

Posted on Jan 1, 2013

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Finding that oh-so-perfect crush can be tough. Not only do the stars have to be aligned just right, but in order for you to even know they exist, they've gotta catch your eye first! And everybody's got their own, personal crush-worthy criteria. Even in the celebrity world. Supah Ninjas stars Gracie Dzienny, Ryan Potter and Carlos Knight told Popstar! what exactly they look for in a guy/gal. And we're dishing you the deets. Check it out.

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When it comes to finding the perfect boy, Gracie thinks it's what's on the inside that counts."I would say their personality," she said. "If I see someone do something nice for someone else, I think that's really cute and that attracts me to them."

Of course, the way to Carlos' heart is through his funny bone. "I think a sense of humor," he said. "Because I'm always cracking jokes and I'm always laughing. So if a girl can make me laugh that's like the coolest thing in the world. So I'm gonna go with sense of humor and your own personal style. I like it when girls have their own way of doing stuff, their own way of dressing and doing everything."

And Ryan agrees that a girl's cool confidence is what sparks a guy's interest. "Yeah, when girls don't care about what other girls think of them, and they are who they are, and nothing influences them other than their own opinion, I think I'm really attracted to that." he said.

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When it comes to cooking up chemistry, it's safe to say that being yourself is best. Especially if you know how to kick butt like this top-notch trio.

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