Taylor's Epic Birthday Tweets

Posted on Sep 7, 2011

Taylor Gray is a pretty popular dude. How do we know? Well, we know for a fact that he's one of the coolest and most down-to-earth Nick Stars to ever surf the seas. But we can also tell just by looking in the tweet trees! Especially today. Today is the hilarious Bucket and Skinner star's birthday, and all of his celebrity friends and co-stars are tweeting out to celebrate! Check out some of his epic birthday tweets below.


Noah Munck: "@_Taylor_Gray_ Happy Birthday bro! Hope it's an awesome day!"
Taylor: "@NoahMunck thanks man! Hope you're well bro!"

Gracie Dzienny: "@_Taylor_Gray_ happy happy birthday! hope you have an AMAZING day!!!!"
Taylor: "@GracieDzienny thank you very much Gracie!!"

Ashley Argota: "@_Taylor_Gray_ !!! Welcome to adulthood hahaha. Have a great one, miss you B-man :) xo"
Taylor: "@ashleyargota9 aww thanks Ashgote!! Hahaha yess indeed, wonderful adulthood!! Miss you too =)"

Dillon Lane: "Happy 18th birthday @_Taylor_Gray_ ! I love you buddy. I hope 18 is the most successful and rewarding year yet :)"
Taylor: "@DillonLane3 thank you man! It's been such a blast hangin out with you this past year! Love you man! Can't wait for what's to come =)"

So what are you waiting for guys? Join the rest of the Nick Stars (and us, too!) in wishing Taylor Gray one of the happiest birthdays get!


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