Louie's Ghost Spells

Posted on Oct 24, 2013

Louie's Ghost Spells 1

Want to know how to scare the living daylights out of your peeps? Take note from one of the best ghouls in Louisiana, Louie Preston! We're bringing you the recipes for some of his best ghost spells.

Louie's Ghost Spells 2

The Chore Chills: How to scare someone when they're doing their chores! Turn around three times, snap your fingers and yell, "boo!" Okay... this didn't work. It just turned you into a mop.

Louie's Ghost Spells 3

Dinner Devil: How to scare the meatloaf out of someone at the dinner table. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and poof! Wait... you may or may not have turned into an old potato.

Louie's Ghost Spells 4

Speed Spook: Wanna increase your speed to scary levels? Crouch down, put one leg behind you, get ready, set, and... What's that smell? Oh... you wanted to turn into a smelly sneaker, right?

Louie's Ghost Spells 5

Homework Haunt: Frighten someone while they're in study mode! Grab a piece of paper, crumple it up, throw it in the air and BAM! Oh no, now YOU'RE the homework! At least now you can catch up on your reading.

Louie's Ghost Spells 6

Smelly Scare: Okay, so you really want to scare someone? No problem, just bend your knees, arch your back, creep up behind them and... WHAMO! Wow, look at 'em run! Hold on, they're only running 'cause you just turned into a stinky fish. Oops...

Okay, so maybe this list of Louie's spells aren't entirely perfect. But there's always room for im-boo-vement, right?

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