The Land of Loganopolis

Posted on Feb 20, 2013

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Ahhh...the land of Loganopolis; where the music plays on constant loop and hockey is the national sport. Never heard of this thriving metropolis? Well, maybe that's because it doesn't actually exist on earth. But it does exist in the mind of Big Time Rush star Logan Henderson! And we're about 99.9 percent positive it's our next vacay destination.

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In an interview with Cambio, a fan asked, "If you could create another city, what would it be called?" And the BTR all-star quickly responded, "Loganopolis!"

Interesting... It seems like Logan already had the imaginary kingdom cooked up in his brain well before being asked! Don't worry Logan, it's okay to day dream. On that note, what would a visit to Loganopolis be like? Would hair gel be in unlimited supply? Would James, Kendall and Carlos have mansions overlooking the ocean? Would transportation be free if we were flying in from Minnesota?!


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