The Ninja Turtles Are Winning

Posted on Oct 23, 2013

The TMNT Are Winning 1

Inhaling pizza, kicking Kraang butt, or doing Splinter's sewer chores... Whatever the turtles do, they do it well. Take a look at all these ways the TMNT are always winning!

Mikey WINS at scarfing pizza.
There's never been a love quite as strong as Mikey's love for pizza. He loves pizza like Donnie loves April, like Raph loves giving noogies, like Splinter loves lecturing!

Oh, and he also wins because he's Jennette's fave turtle....

The TMNT Are Winning 2

Leo WINS at leading the pack.
Leo's always thinking 10 steps ahead. That's why he's always at the front of the pack! The Kraang don't stand a chance with Leo in charge.

The TMNT Are Winning 3

Donnie WINS at anything with gadgets.
Need a super advanced gizmo that gets the job done? Donnie is your turtle. This ninja can make a battle tank out of bubblegum. That's talent.

The TMNT Are Winning 4

Raph WINS in battle mode.
Raph kicks butt in kicking butt. This turtle definitely holds the title for taking down villains.

The TMNT Are Winning 5

The Turtles WIN in EVERYTHING!
Let's be real here: all the Turtles kick butt! Whether they're exploring the sewers or solving problems in the city, they're always nailing it, ninja style.

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