Facts About Jack!

Posted on Dec 5, 2013

Jack Facts 1

How much do you know about The Thundermans star, Jack Griffo? Well, you're about to learn more! Check out these five awesome facts about Jack.

1. He can play the guitar!
This dude knows his way around an instrument. If you're interested in learning to play as well as him, check out this sweet vid and take some notes on his notes!

Jack Facts 2

2. He LOVES summer camp.
Jack just can't get enough camp. He told Fanlala that he's been 8 times! That's gotta be some sort of record.

Jack Facts 3

3. He's the youngest of 5 siblings!
Being part of the crazy Thundermans clan comes naturally to Jack, thanks to his big family IRL. But even though he plays an older brother on the show, he's actually the youngest of 5 siblings. Aww, he's the baby!

Jack Facts 4

4. He's got a great sense of direction.
There's no getting lost for this guy. Jack told Monsters and Critics, "I actually have an uncanny sense of direction. It surprises everyone -- like I always just KNOW where we parked the car..." Hide and go seek is a piece of cake for this fella.

Jack Facts 5

5. He wants to be invisible.
His character on The Thundermans wants to be a master villain, but if Jack was a real life superhero, he'd want a different power. He told Monsters and Critics, if he could pick one superpower, he'd pick invisibility!

We know you want more, but those are all the Jack facts we have for you today. Stay tuned for more info on this super interesting guy!

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