Max's Villain Fails

Posted on Dec 18, 2013

Max Villain Fails 1

There are a few simple things required to be a truly top-notch villain: a great mind, an outrageous outfit and one horrific evil laugh! But when it comes to being a villain, Max Thunderman just can't seem to get it right. Check out a few of Max's greatest villain fails here!

The Food Fail
Come on Max, stay focused on your PLAN! Not on your tasty beef burrito.

Max Villain Fails 2

The Costume Fail
They say evil villains should always wear to scare! ... Looks like Max didn't get the memo.

Max Villain Fails 3

The Sibling Fail
When your non-villain twin sister totally one-ups you? Yeah, not so villainous...

Max Villain Fails 4

The Baby Fail
If you want to be a great villain you should really try to avoid crying and you should DEFINITELY avoid putting your thumb in your mouth!

Max Villain Fails 5

The Morning Cereal Fail
Evil villains should always have a well balanced breakfast. But they shouldn't wear it on their face!

Max Villain Fails 6

The Gadget Fail
Before you start breaking out the high-tech gadgets, always double check to make sure the door isn't already unlocked...

Max Villain Fails 7

The Spell-Check Fail
When you carve out your name on the moon's surface, at least make sure you've got the spelling right!

After all these hilarious villain fails from Max, we can't help but wonder... maybe he's truly meant to be the good guy, after all!

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